Environmental Journalist, Researcher, Speaker


Solutions to environmental problems exist. I write about them, research them, and will speak to you or your organization about them. Want to know what is actually happening socially, politically, managerially, economically, and psychologically with the environmental issue you want to solve, contact me.

About Me

Environmental Journalist, Researcher, and Speaker


Research shows that environmental problems are easy to solve, although people's attitudes and behaviors stop even deadly problems from being resolved.




My understanding of environmental stories, environmental issues, and environmental news comes from comprehensive research on waste practices and problems in the United States since the 1830s.

Not Beyond Our Control



Importantly, people's behaviors and attitudes are affected by many factors. However, people coping with environmental issues by pretending they do not exist remains a common response to deadly problems that people feel remain beyond their control. This is normal.

Changing the way we do one thing can change the world TM

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